On Promenade, joint release by Velvet Blue Music and Spune, released 29 August 2007.

Final Cover


…Burr speaks in a clipped Texas accent that belies the long, languid tones of his music. Exquisitely detailed, slow and deliberate, his songs have as much in common with the literature of Eudora Welty and Cormac McCarthy as with the work of the Americana dimmerati to whom he is often, and somewhat shortsightedly, compared. …
-Paste Magazine


…On this release, Burr has combined his influences to record eleven songs of shimmering majesty. At times one can hear a Wilco or Bright Eyes influence but Burr’s songs are so much more than the sum of their influences. The album kicks off with two short but beautiful songs (“Slow Southern Songs” and “Come to my Senses”) before hitting its stride (a stride it never breaks) with the epic beauty of “Graniteville” and “Whippoorwill”. Burr shares an intrinsic knowledge of song dynamics with the likes of Jeff Tweedy, and has a voice that tugs at the heart strings. Across it’s eleven tracks ‘On Promenade” doesn’t have a single duffer. Doug Burr has released a late contender for my album of the year, and if there is any justice in the world (we all know there isn’t!), Burr will crash the mainstream in 2008 selling millions of albums in the process. As far as I can see, Burr’s only problem now lies in how he is going to follow ‘On Promenade’. Brilliant!
-Americana UK


…Normally, when I listen to music, I listen in conjunction with some other activity; nothing requiring too much of my attention, but something to keep me busy while absorbing the sounds. This time was different. I turned off the light, so that the only illumination came from the glow of my computer screen, put on my headphones, clicked play, and leaned back in my chair. I closed my eyes and just let the music wash over me.

Forty-three minutes later, I opened my eyes. It was a surreal transition back into reality, like gradually waking from a dream. I was completely blown away, and I immediately started the album over from the beginning again. It’s very rare that I have this kind of reaction. There are a great many albums that have serious personal significance for me, and that I love deeply, but I don’t think I can remember any other piece of music ever affecting me so viscerally on first listen. …


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Track Listing:
1. Slow Southern Home
2. Come to My Senses
3. Graniteville
4. Whippoorwill
5. How Can the Lark (My Dear Theo)
6. Should’ve Known
7. In the Garden
8. Thing About Trouble
9. Last Promenade
10. Always Travel Light
11. Blood Runs Downhill


All songs by Doug Burr, copyright 2007, Woven Wings, ASCAP
Britton Beisenherz: bass, organ, percussion, guitars, Moog Taurus pedals
Doug Burr: vocals, guitars, harmonica, accordion
Ernie C. Ernst: background vocals
Amanda Leggett: background vocals
Eric Neal: fiddle
Andy Odom: bass
Todd Pertll: Weissenborn, pedal steel, Dobro, banjo, guitars
Paul Quigg: lap steel
Rob Sanchez: drums
Amanda Shires: fiddle
Glen Squibb: Wurlitzer, percussion
Jason Upshaw: guitar, kick drum
Greg Vanderpool: background vocals
All songs/instruments recorded at Ramble Creek Studio, Austin, TX with these exceptions: fiddle and accordion on “Last Promenade”, and lap steel on “In the Garden” recorded by Paul Quigg at his studio in Dallas.
Produced by Britton Beisenherz, Doug Burr, Todd Pertll.
Mixed, and Engineered by Britton Beisenherz at Ramble Creek Studio, Austin, TX except where noted.
Mastered by Jim Wilson at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO.
Photography by Jason Upshaw
Artwork by Greg Vanderpool
Cat. # VBM 117 / SP 004