Country Girls In City Dresses single (with B-side and bonus digital track). Released by Velvet Blue Music, 17 June 2016.


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Digital Download Only – Track Listing:
Single: “Country Girls In City Dresses”
Digital B-side: “Mirrorball”
Bonus Track: “Ghost On Water (instrumental)”


All songs written by Doug Burr, Woven Wings Publishing, ASCAP
Copyright 2016, all rights reserved
Britton Beisenherz – Keys on “Country Girls In City Dresses”
Doug Burr – Vocals, Guitar
Glen Farris Squibb – Bass on “Country Girls In City Dresses”; Keys on “Ghost On Water (instrumental)”, Keys on “Mirrorball”
Dave Sims – Drums, Electric Guitar on “Country Girls In City Dresses” and “Ghost On Water (instrumental); Electric Guitar on “Mirrorball
Todd Unruh – Drums on “Mirrorball”
Joel Dennis – Bass on “Mirrorball”
“Country Girls In City Dresses” and “Ghost On Water (instrumental)”
Produced by Britton Beisenherz, Doug Burr, Dave Sims, Glen Farris Squibb
Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Britton Beisenherz at Ramble Creek Studio, Austin, TX
Recorded and Engineered by Justin Collins at Echolab, Denton, TX
Mixed by Justin Collins in Denton, TX
Original Artwork by Kimberly Alexander
Typeset by Claire Morales


Country Girls In City Dresses
I always told you not to worry ’bout that none
I know how to treat a girl – I won’t do her like Dad done
I got his temper, Lord, and I got his fight
But I swear I won’t yell at my baby at night

I found a new job – it’s just the same old gig
Every night I get off and I stare at the kid
He got his hair moussed up, runnin wild in the street
And when I finally wake up they can’t stop the bleedin’

I’ll keep waitin’ for the mornin’ trains
Gonna catch her eyes now, dream ’bout her face
Give me somethin I can count on
(Give me angels I can see)
(Somethin’ beautiful)
Death and Texas
And country girls in city dresses

I’d like to tell my son, this is where I met your mom
On a downtown train, a line we were on
In my dreams I got nerve, I can relaxe
And I just tell her a joke, she starts to laugh

On Saturday mornin’ maybe we wouldn’t sleep in
Come over to visit – every other weekend
You could use the company – it’s good just to talk
And maybe go for a ride, go for a walk

Oh, why you always gotta turn it back on me that way
Why don’t you tell the nurses try and and get your meds straight
Turn off the TV, wake you up on time
And, I don’t know, clean up this place every once in awhile

Oh, God I’m sorry, no, it’s not your fault
Where does your other friend stay – yeah, that place down off Federal
We owe just as much, I guess, as anyone else
And I don’t know how they do it – maybe they get some help

We kept this chair, maybe I can do some readin’
I swear it made him tired, started him drinkin’
Oh, you know I told you I quit all of that
Maybe every now and again just one to relaxe

And I can see him there now just sittin’ there sayin’
Ain’t nothin’ you can count on like a train
And there’s a line through Death, and a line through Texas
Where move the country girls in city dresses


Momma don’t let your broken arms
Hold on to the years
Sometimes the cold wind moans before
It drives away your tears
Now if all forsaken hearts
Put on unsuspecting shoes
And little scuffed-up souls pilot hardwood floors
Like I’m lookin’ for you
Until I find you

Under the mirror ball, where everybody moves in time
Under the mirror ball, big slow circles to the right
And I would bring you flowers for the springtime eyes
Under the mirror ball
And you tonight

There were dishes in the sink, you back-burnered thing
The note stuck on your door
Said I tried to call but I can’t stand
To hear it anymore
So Momma don’t trust the slow dance
With a slow dance you can’t win
You just take your turn on the two-and-four
And shuffle out with a limp
Until I find you